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We design and craft neon lights that will put you ahead of your competitors by introducing new styles and layers of atmosphere aligned with your branding. This creates an exclusive experience for your audience. With our years of expertise, we have proudly designed neon lights for over 100 companies. Ready to join this distinguished list?

our neon light is anything but normal

To help your business grow, we are transforming the way we design and craft neon lights. Imagine a neon light that speaks volume, enhancing your space atmosphere and brand presence – this is what we are here for. Because the competition won’t wait. And neither will we.


We are able to create any design and size of custom neon lights for any space. The best part? We deliver in as little as 2 days!

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Event Neon Lights

Joey wong and Guo liang series with bright neon sign behind

Business Neon Lights

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Home Neon Lights


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