Different styles of neon

Neon Light is a tool of art that is up for innovative and creative individuals to design. It can be a word of inspiration, or it can be a much more complex idea that requires different shapes to form the neon signs. 
Without further ado, let’s explore the different styles of Neon that Sui-generis neon knows and able to provides.

1. Basic Neon

Basic neons are relatively simple. It is a static kind of neon that can moderately be any form of design that the user has or may have, be it graphics or words.

Users typically choose an image or quotes that they like and send to Us or any neon Signs company and could be done without any hassle.

2. Illusion Neon

Illusion Neon signs purpose is to provide an optical illusion neon for the viewer. This usually is being achieved by taking the neon mix and match by an artisan to form an shape of choice multiple times. Which it will trick the eye of the viewer into thinking the neon design is never-ending or popping out. 

This is one of the perfect ways for grabbing attention, as these could have a sensational feel for the viewer when it is being viewed.

3. Infinity Mirror neon light

Infinity Mirror neon light is an optical illusion that creates an endless loop to be seen by the viewer. This is achieved by putting the mirror side by side to produce a never-ending reflection like the Droste effect. Thus, leading up to an infinite loop view.

This is typically used by clubs/bars for enhancing atmosphere experiences, which some clubs are even using infinity mirror neon as tables as part of user experience.

            Sui generis neon introduced one our infinity mirror neon.         Find out more our specialize products.

4.GIF Neon

GIF neon is simply a neon that can be seen moving or blinking. This can be achieved by basically combining two neon designs and delay its lighting time to provide a visual motion for viewers.

5. All in one Neon

All in one Neon is by matching neon light with all the different elements to turn it into the ultimate masterpiece. This is an advanced service that only Sui-Generis Neon is providing.

One fine example is by adding a water vapor into the Cigarette neon light signs. Which for the viewer, it can be seen as the Cigarette it being lit.

This is one of the magnificent ways to grab customers to your shop as a business owner. This not only grabs attention but also changes the ambiance for your shop, even attracts the customer to come into your shop and observe the uniqueness of your shop.

Moreover, this kind of product is uncommon, it can rarely be seen anyone in the current market.


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