my deeeer christmas, you are back!

First of all, let’s talk about who celebrates Christmas in Singapore?

Is it true that only Christians celebrate it? Only couples celebrate it? Family? NO! Everyone here loves and celebrates Christmas events yearly.

We, Singaporeans await its upcoming greatly. Besides, we always come out with some ideas to celebrate it together with either our family or/and friends. Such as drinking, watching movies, shopping … there are limitless ideas. Going out and eat a meal would be the simplest idea, yet would still be enjoyable! The excitement and the anticipation are just not enough huh. Overall, this is how widely known Christmas event IS even in this small red dot!

ION Orchard

 ION Orchard

Top view of Singapore

↑ Our Glaring City

Where do we normally celebrate then?

In Singapore, we have a place called Orchard Road where the biggest Christmas decoration is hung onto. They called it the Christmas on A Great Street which stretches over 3kilometer long. From the glittering little stars hanging from trees to trees to the different fabulous and awesome designs along the street and malls, such as Santa Claus, gingerbread man, artificial snowflakes and snow cave, Christmas tree, and reindeer. Their creativity just has no end to it! Visit it and they will prove it to you. Besides, they are holding some festive deals in both Cineleisure Orchard and ION Orchard. Shop till your heart’s content!

That is not all, Gardens By The Bay is also one of the choices people pick on to celebrate. It has good scenery everywhere even ready for a 360° shot and all the different types of cuisine for foodies to satisfy their taste buds. In addition, this coming year 2020, they had prepared an event called the Christmas Wonderland, starting from 29 Nov to 26 Dec. This event features a variety of carnival games, souvenir shops at the Festival Market, and many many more things. Look at your watch, and see the time flies by quickly! 

Garden by the bay Beautiful Tree
Garden by the bay individual Tree
Garden by the bay Tree and sky

Supertree Grove – Christmas Decoration | Christmas Tree, Gardens by the Bay :0

Under the same red dot, there is also a charity event happening annually since 2013 during this Christmas period. Santa Run for Wishes, a running charitable event granting the wishes of children with critical illnesses, is held starting from 2 Dec to 19 Dec this year. Besides clocking the distance, people have also prepared some costumes on par with the event, so as to bring joy not only to the children but also to themselves. The donation you made can be a big help to their emotional and psychological, which they need it strongly to fight off their illnesses! Click into the website for more information on this event. Your small action can make a child happy, be the light of hope to them.

One Tiny Wish | Video by Make-A-Wish Singapore

Ending Off

Do you know that there is a common point in these Christmas celebration event places? What makes those places a good event for the Christmas celebration?


Some tricks of using lights to strengthen the designs shown

House built by light
Jewel Changi

Have you notice that bright lights are used so often in Christmas decoration? Scroll up again to have a second look at those Christmas decorations! With the right use of light, design effects can be easily enhanced as well as being able to manipulate passerby eyesight as and how you like. It will be exaggerating if I said that only light contributed to catching the attention. Besides light, correct combination of color and design will also allow the whole image to ‘level up’. With that being said, I would like to introduce to you our new Christmas decoration neon lights – The Christmas Collection

Have you found a place to go to brighten up your days during Christmas? If not, why not purchase a neon or 2 to transform your home/room to a Christmas Celebration place!


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