Free neon signs delivery.

We offer free delivery on everything. As long as it is a Singapore registered address, we will be right there with your desirable glowing art piece.



Sui Generis Neon uphold these policies to ensure a smooth customer experience during the delivery phase.


frequently asked questions

Anything that is not stated here, do kindly contact us for more information.

Who does the local delivery?

Our team delivers all of our neon signs; we do not have a courier service partner.

What is the lead time for delivery?

For neon signs products, the lead time is two weeks upon order confirmation.

For a customized neon sign, it depends on when the designing phase is completed.

Do you do installation?

No, we do not do installation.

What is the time slot available for delivery?

We provide flexible delivery time, just let us know what time is convenient for you, and we will work out a schedule!