Commercial Project


Project Background

CT Hub Mall stands as a substantial commercial complex that houses an eclectic mix of business that cater to a wide demograhpic audience. From stylish cafes to exhilarating boundering facilties, including rock climbing rock climbing and gym. The mall entices to both working professionals and younger individuals seeking for thrilling experiences.

Project Objective

The overall design aspect was to infuse the bold theme of CyberPunk and Geometrical concepts into the mall, appealing to both working professionals and younger individuals. Our team of creative designers meticulously crafted a range of concepts, each intended to embody this futuristic vision and enhance the mall’s emotional appeal, to emphasize on it’s vibrancy and futuristic atmosphere.

Post-approval, We have managed the manufacturing, delivery, and installation processes within the same month, completing the installation in less than a week.

Project Details

Work Undertaken

  • Designing, Production and Installation
  • 2 Basic Neon Signage
  • 1 Advanced Box Neon Signage

Time Frame

  • Design Direction: 2 Weeks
  • Production: 3 Weeks
  • Installation: 2 Days


7 Meters x 2 Meters | Basic Neon Signage.

Neon light product image for CT HUB client portfolio page

7 Meters x 2 Meters | Basic Neon Signage.

1 Meter x 1 Meter | Advanced Box Neon Signage.

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Commercial Project